will cloud based printing be the leader in 2019?

Whether it is this year, next year or even further into the future, cloud-based printing will eventually be the go-to printing solution for all serious businesses. Cloud-based technologies for printing have been given much press recently for companies like Xerox as they announce innovations such as better security, mobile printing and intelligent capture. So, what is it all about?

What is Cloud-Based Printing? 

Cloud-based or cloud printing as it is also known, connects digital devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and portable tablets to a printer. 

So what is the difference between cloud printing and legacy network printing you may wonder?

Modern Cloud Printing Services 

Cloud printing is superior to traditional network printing and wireless printers for several reasons.  

One of the main factors is that individual devices do not need to install printer drivers to access individual printers. The cloud software seamlessly takes care of this, reducing compatibility issues and freeing up technical resources. 

Cloud printing services also provide companies with a way to regulate and optimise printing workflows. This service can be critical when large numbers of files need to be managed and printed securely. In addition, centralised software cannot only oversee printing queues and monitor security, but keep track of ink cartridges, automating the ordering process .With cloud print management, printing becomes more sustainable and eco-friendly in the long run. 

Through leading industry technology such as Xerox ConnectKey, users can remotely manage workflows. Xerox cloud print users can also easily manage devices using a tablet-like interface that offers access to network connected apps, which can be customised for the user’s requirements.  

Will legacy printing see its day in 2019?

With more and more companies digitising their work process and incorporating cloud-based printing, businesses using legacy processes are quickly being left behind in the digital transformation race! 

The verdict…

Not only does cloud printing increase productivity but it also provides long-term cost savings, opposed to historic paper processes. Well worth the investment wouldn’t you say?