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chosen charity | woody’s lodge

woody’s lodge, based in barry south wales, provide an inviting meeting space for veterans of the armed forces, emergency services & reservists to re-engage with life, their families & their communities. woody’s lodge not only supports those who have served in the armed forces or emergency services, but also family members of those who have. it is also a space where those who have served can find expert advice across a range of topics, as well as the opportunity to make new friends & re-connect with their loved ones

chosen charity | the geraint richards trust

the geraint richards trust was set up to assist the rehabilitation of a local teenager from tondu, south wales, following a life-changing brain injury after suffering a near fatal asthma attack at the age of 11. the tenacity & determination of this young boy is not only admired by many but has aided in raising the profile for asthma awareness & the importance of educating others in the possible effects following the onset of an attack