contactless visitor book

digital contactless reception desk

Visitor Book is a solution for every organisation, irrelevant of size, seeking a digital, contactless reception experience. Our safe and secure contactless visitor book solution, allows guests to sign in and out using just their smartphone


visitors can scan a qr code to sign in and out at reception


with calendar integration for instant email notifications


the solutions caters for the small, single and large multi-site clients


fully digital with no more waiting in line at reception


safe sign-in eliminates pen, paper and kiosk touch points

any device

no specific hardware required, it works on any device

visitor id

badges are created for identification on site


visitors details are safe and secure within gdpr guidelines

what is it?

Visitor Book is a solution for every organisation of any size that wants a new modern contactless digital reception. It allows Visitors to digitally sign in and out of locations using their smartphone. The application is free for Visitors to use and available at a low monthly cost for organisations. Visitor Book also supports shared and serviced offices
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