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From initial design concepts to precision manufacturing to final installation, we offer our clients the ultimate in end to end workspace solutions. ddb creates intelligent desks that seamlessly integrate with every day modern technologies

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The i-poppy is a state-of-the-art heated desk with individual temperature control on each desktop, along with 2 usb charging points, a wireless phone charger and inbuilt power modules. the individual temperature control feature, is an integrated panel in the desktop that heats both the surface and underside of the desk, providing greater flexibility and control for the individual

This means that the heated area is designed to perfection for the individual person first rather than the room. the inbuilt charging point, powers outlets and individual height adjustable desk means no more trailing wires, enabling a safe working environment for all, expanding the possibilities of this desk


If you are looking to maximise your classroom utilisation and get the most use out of your space, look no further than the i-rise multifunction desk from i-desk solutions. the most advanced i-desk, the i-rise uses ground breaking patented technology to provide immediate access to hidden computers and keyboards At the touch of a button, the teacher can transform the i-rise from a clear flat work desk into a state of the art ict platform. one of the ddb top selling products, installed in primary schools, secondary schools, universities and even the MOD and blue chip organisations, this multifunctional desk offers practical ict solutions to areas otherwise considered unsuitable

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