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Digital Transformation

a journey, not
a destination

Technology is changing  office workflows in fundamental ways with many adopting a multi-faceted approach to a more digital organisation.

Mobile devices mean that information can be can accessed almost anywhere, at any time.

The cloud is making it easier for teams to collaborate, wherever team members are, with IoT making it easier to automate entire workflows.

Workflow transformation is an opportunity to change the way people  work together, to find more efficient ways to collaborate and to make important information easier to find and more secure.

One of the first keys to transitioning to a digital workplace is better managing your organisation’s content, whether it be paper-based or digital.

Adopting this approach involves change within three main business components: business process, operations and customer relationships

The Challenges of paper based processes

Higher Costs


Data Management

Assess and Optimise

Start by adding, tracking, measuring and analying your use of paper. 'Optimise' might mean digitising or it might mean first re-engineering paper based processes. But, it should follow assessement and be based on its insights to assure results

Secure and Integrate

Never forget the bigger picture. Cost, security and agility are the key drivers of digitisation. You won't get the results you want if you don't build in security and make absolutely sure that technology, process and people can play together happiliy

Automate and Simplify

If you're like the large majority of our respondents you'll be eyeing up candidates for workflow automation. As you should - it's where so much of the benefit will come from. All we're saying is: don't forget that stage 1 comes before stage 2 or 3. Assess before you automate and better results will follow.

Transform your workspace and enhance workflows with document capture, management and sharing