Digital Transformation with Managed Document Services

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Digitalisation is the process of converting material or information into a digital form

Many businesses are now transitioning to a digitally proficient work environment in a bid to streamline daily management and workflow processes.

This change is being fuelled by an abundance of new technologies and solutions that allows companies of all sizes to be more strategic and efficient.

Recent studies suggest that 52% of businesses will adopt a hybrid working model in 2021 as organisations are experiencing the benefits of digitalisation. Automating processes saves your business time, space and money, opening up opportunity for growth.


Increases efficiency through the simplicity of storing and retrieving documents


Effective workflow and document management for remote workers


Provides key metrics for data analysis


Limits human error


Improves team collaboration


Reduces operational costs

100 years and 500 boxes of records, now digitised!

Family Services Toronto tackle the paper to digital challenge.

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