With GDPR regulations at the forefront of the legal profession, the industry has begun to embrace digital technologies to help manage document workflows and keep data secure. 

We understand that improving internal and external document processes whilst ensuing your data is secure is imperative to your business. That is why we are proud to supply award winning solutions which exceed industry standards for security features and technologies.  

App technology for the legal sector

Auto redaction

Xerox Auto-Redaction App removes the tedious process of manual redaction.

With the Xerox Auto Redaction App, you can remove any sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – names, phone numbers, emails, national insurance numbers, dates of birth, etc. – from an entire document in seconds.

Compatible on any Xerox ConnectKey technology-enabled multifunctional printer, the Auto Redaction App uses cutting-edge technology utilising Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software to scan hard copy documents and get instant results. At the printer, simply choose your PPI criteria and scan your documents using one of your preset or custom settings. Then, preview the results and either print or email the fully redacted document to yourself, colleagues or other parties.

Sensitive data is rendered unreadable but all other information remains intact. The benefit? Less time doing tedious text removal and more time for quality review and verification!


Easy translator service

xerox easy translator offers comprehensive language translation services by utilising state of the art technology. from instant machine translation of your hard copy documents to professional human translation services for your digital files



Spend less time chasing approvals with DocuSign.

According to Forbes, 70-80% improvement in efficiency is achieved by replacing manual sign off processes with electronic signature solutions*.

Xerox Connect App for DocuSign makes it easier than ever to digitise every hard copy document that needs to be electronically signed. When in your DocuSign account, simply select one of the pre-defined templates. Then, via a single tap, automatically route paper-based documents into a signature workflow to one or multiple reviewers/approvers.

Send documents to the right recipients, instantly and with no error directly from your Xerox Connectkey enabled device.



Quickly and simply digitise and manage documents with Xerox Connect App for iManage.

Every day legal professionals face challenges when storing and sharing files across their organisation. An intuitive in-house legal document management system will not only save money but also increase efficiency and collaboration.

Xerox® Connect App for iManage is the leading provider of work product management solutions in the legal industry. Once installed, you can easily digitise and share hard-copy case files and other legal documents right from your Xerox multifunction printer.

Used in conjunction with any Xerox ConnectKey technology-enabled printer device, this document management app allows you to browse and print files directly from your iManage account. And, the helpful search feature ensures users can retrieve stored files and share information more efficiently with colleagues and clients.

Transform how you work

How Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology transforms the printer into a smart workplace assistant.

Dibble Miller Case Study


  • Keyword searches make it easy to find vital research and case documents
  • DocuShare Client feature allows large groups of documents to be copied to a zip disk for out of office use

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