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a connected workplace

xerox connectkey allows you the freedom of turning your office printer into an intuitive workplace assistant, allowing your staff to work smarter & more efficiently


with a large responsive touchscreen design, connectkey along with app technology, connects your device to third party solutions, such as office 365, quickbooks & more

xerox auto-redaction app

personally identifiable information (pii) can be automatically redacted from official documentation using the connectkey based app. using cutting edge ai implementing google’s data loss prevention software, the app makes it simple to scan hard copy & get instant results, using preset or custom pii, allowing you to preview, print or email the document
RPA offers far more than cost savings. Savvy executives and company leaders are embracing automation to revolutionize their businesses. At Xerox, RPA is built into everything that we do so that our customers achieve greater operational agility, faster time to market, and improved quality
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xerox easy translator service

xerox easy translator offers comprehensive language translation services by utilising state of the art technology. from instant machine translation of your hard copy documents to professional human translation services for your digital files

translate into 40+ languages within seconds from your multifunction printer, mobile device or pc
  • translate into 40 languages including french & german instant language translate from mfp, phone or pc
  • 20 file formats including jpg, ms office & pdf
  • world class ocr (optical character recognition)
  • human translation is available for quality & speed
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    Businesses thrive on processes to deliver defined outcomes, but many are not running optimally. Our workplace apps are designed to simplify and automate everyday office activities and improve productivity from expenses to forms management to automating approval processes. Taming the office processes, one app at a time.
    connect for concur | Eliminate hassles and inefficiencies in the expense reporting process with a few simple steps right at the MFP.

    connect for salesforce | Reduce the need to manually enter data into your CRM by instantly digitizing and organizing your most important client documents for timely review and follow-up.

    forms manager | Simplify the process for managing multiple forms while reducing the risks associated with paper-based filing.

    connect for quickbooks online | Prepare, edit and submit your expense report with access to QuickBooks Online (QBO) right from your MFP.

    signme | Allows all documents requiring a signature or editing to first appear on the touchscreen of any Xerox VersaLink or AltaLink device.

    cloud connectors

    connecting to Learning Management Systems, helping automate grading and even taking the strain out of checking for plagiarism, our workflow apps can help simplify manual workflows as well as improve communication between students & staff.
    connect for xmpie | The Xerox® Connect App for XMPie® adds a personal touch, with just a touch. Delivering value that leaves a lasting impression has never been easier or faster. Have fun creating beautiful, custom designs that your customers and prospects will love.

    amazon workdocs | Stay organised by routing documents to the appropriate folders and transform paper into digitally accessible files with direct connection to the Amazon WorkDocs App from your MFP.

    connect for Microsoft Office 365 | Easily print from or scan to an individual or shared Microsoft® Office 365® account.


    connecting to Learning Management Systems, helping automate grading and even taking the strain out of checking for plagiarism, our workflow apps can help simplify manual workflows as well as improve communication between students & staff.
    connect for blackbird | Teachers and students can accelerate collaboration and simplify the process for uploading and storing documents into Blackboard Learn for their classes.

    connect for remark test grading​ | Reclaim valuable class time and spend less time on paperwork. With our test grading app on your ConnectKey® Technology-enabled MFP, grading bubble tests is as easy as a scan.

    proofreader service | Instantly check for spelling, grammar, style and even plagiarism. Scan your documents directly from the device, or upload to the Xerox Proofreader Service Portal.


    As mobile as workforces are today, mobile print needs to be convenient, simple and secure. Our mobile printer apps provide a simple, hassle-free experience – and enable print when, where, and how you need it.
    @PrintByXerox | Submit an email with any attachments that you wish to print. Use your password at a Xerox device running the @PrintByXerox app to release your job(s).

    Xerox® Mobile Link App |​ Scan, fax and print from your phone or tablet with this mobile app. Capture it, manage it, and send it.


    Go digital with documents to save office space, lower costs, and reduce waste. Use your printer to convert paper documents into digital formats and resources allowing for easy emailing, storage, editing retrieval, translating and even listening.
    audio documents | Transform hardcopy documents into MP3 files. A link with the MP3 file is sent to the recipient's email for on-the-go access. In one easy scan, unleash new levels of productivity by listening to your files, wherever, whenever.

    capturepoint | Securely scan and automatically convert paper documents to digital and editable formats such as Word® and Excel®. You can then transfer the files to email or cloud storage repositories.

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